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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 9/21 - 9/25

Grades K-2

Pop Art: A mid-20th century style of art where artists used everyday objects—comic strips, soup cans, newspapers, and more—into their work. The Pop art movement wanted to show that art could come from any source. Below are some examples of Pop Art.


“Look Mickey” by Roy Lichtenstein 1961


Andy Warhol’s Campbells Soup


Which piece do you like the best?

 Why do you like it more than the others? 

Does it have to do with the color? The subject? The way it makes you feel?

Drawing Lesson:

Drawing Lesson:

Please take an object you have from around your home to create your own “Pop Artwork”. For example; use a favorite toy, stuffed animal, household item (like ipad or a banana) and draw it several times like the art from Andy Warhols Campbells Soup (Example above).

Once you're done repeating your drawing many times; add color with any coloring supplies you have at your home!

*If you have any leftover time during art; please use your leftover time to free draw.

Grades 3-5

Watch the following youtube video on Leonardo Da Vinci. He was a famous painter, scientist and engineer from Italy born in 1452. HIs inventions and art were true works of beauty. 

In Da Vinci's video you will see how important movement is to his inventions. You will notice he takes inspiration from everything around him like the movement of water, wind, shells, flowers and people.

What was DaVinci inspired by? 

Why did he create things? 

Why do you create things?

Did you notice how often movement is used in this video?

Drawing Lesson:

Drawing Lesson:

Use this idea of “movement” to draw something that you found interesting within this video. Draw anything or as many things that you found captured your interest within this video. You could draw Leonardo DaVinci, The famous MonaLisa painting you saw in the video, the inventions you saw in the video or the wind and water that DaVinci spoke about so often. If time allows, use any coloring supplies you have at home to add color to your works of art!


Free Draw: If you have time after 1. watching the long video, 2. working on your drawings from DaVinci’s video and 3. coloring them; then you can use your remaining time to free draw.