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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 10/5 - 10/9

Drawing Lesson:

WE will find things in nature that have swirls or spirals in them for example the nautilus shell.

Students in K-2 will practice drawing a whole page of spirals large and small. We will draw saying,” dot around around and up.” We will practice these going left and right. When we complete a whole page with spirals going to the left and spirals going to the right.

When the page is full we will color right over the spirals with the rainbow colors :red, orange , yellow ,green, blue, and violet(purple). 

Drawing Lesson:

On an 8x11 sheet of drawing paper students will follow a guided drawing.  We will then draw a stem and vines on the pumpkin . A horizontal line  will be placed behind the pumpkin to create the illusion of space.   Also, the background will be shaded in. Students can add other details. The side to side shading technique with crayon will be explored and we will create layers of color to make these pumpkins look real. This is a real pumpkin not a halloween creation.

  1. Draw a right curve and a left curve to form an oval

  2. Complete the pumpkin by sketching two more curved lines on each side3. Draw the stem on top and add lines to it.

  3. Draw some squiggly lines from the stem for vines.

  4. Refine the drawing and color with orange and yellow crayon , brown for the stems, and green for the vines.

  5. Add color to the foreground and background your choice.