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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 10/12 - 10/16

K - 2 Activities

PART 1: Watch the story from the link below, "Journey" by Aaron Becker. In this story without any words, a girl draws a door that leads her into a fantastic and imaginary world, where she can draw items to help her continue on her journey through the world.

PART 2: Create your own portal to another world. Is it inspired by a place you have been? What are the buildings like? What is the weather like? What kind of clothes do the people wear? What journey takes place behind the door? These are questions to consider as you create your world.

Choose one of these 3 options for your art piece: Or if time allows; do them all!!!!!

      OPTION 1: On paper, like the girl in the story, draw your world in detail and color or paint it.

      OPTION 2: Create a 3D world - use a cardboard box (cereal box, shoe box, or other), draw or paint the outside of it. Add onto it using the "cardboard attachment techniques" below, or draw or paint the inside of the box.

      OPTION 3: Describe your new world in words. Imagine the world in detail in your mind and thoroughly describe it so someone reading it would be able to see what you are seeing. Think about using art words in your description (words that we use a lot in art class - like line, color, tints, etc.).

Cardboard Attachment Techniques:

3 - 5 Activities

The following photos are examples of artwork found in nature and created by artists. These artists used natural materials like rocks, sticks, leaves, flowers, etc. to create a temporary work of art. Over time, nature would either change or destroy the works of art; inspired by land artists like Robert Smithson and Andy Goldsworthy.

Robert Smithson "Spiral Jetty" 1970 

The strange history of Utah's 'Spiral Jetty,' which just turned 50 ...

Andy Goldsworthy 

20 Most Beautiful Andy Goldsworthy Art and Images - Live Enhanced


Childs Example:

Andy Goldsworthy – Art in Nature, using found and natural objects ...

How to Inspire Your Students with Artist Andy Goldsworthy - The ...


Assignment: Create a work of art using materials like the ones above. Examples of what you could make from nature objects: rock tower, flower or leaf mandala, fair or gnome house, bird bath or house. 


If you have time remaining in art class; use your pencil and coloring supplies to draw your 3D nature  artwork on a 2-d surface (paper).