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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 10/12 - 10/16

K - 2 Activities

Over the last few weeks with Miss McDonough you have practiced keeping a steady beat. A steady beat is the pulse of the music. You can have both fast steady beats, and slow steady beats. The word for speed in music is called tempo.

We have words for different speeds in music! Watching the video below, what do you think the word for very fast in music is? What is the word for very slow?


Follow all of the motions of the video below! What parts of it are presto? What parts are largo?

Story Time!

​​​​​​This story has one character who moves presto, and one character who moves largo. See if you can figure out who each one is!

K-2 Extension

Color in one of the illustrations from the story we just read!

3 - 5 Activities

Rhythm Review

Follow these steps to complete the Fall Rhythms Sort:

  1. Click the Link Below of the Activity

  2. Click file in the top left corner

  3. Click Make a Copy

  4. Follow the directions in the activity to sort the fall words by rhythm.


Using the rhythms we just reviewed, see if you can follow along to a Body Percussion activity to Maren Morris’s “The Bones”!