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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 10/19-10/23

K - 2 Activities

Last week we began to talk about tempo, which is the speed of music! Music can be at many speeds. We learned that the word for fast in music is presto and the word for slow in music is largo. Today we are going to explore tempo more with some fun activities!

Echo along to Che Che Koolay! How many times does it take to echo with the video until you’ve got it down? Once you’ve got it, try practicing at different speeds! Can you sing it presto? Can you sing it largo?

Listen to the song we moved to last week. What parts of the song are presto? What parts of the song are largo?

Story Time!

Fast and Slow Sorting

Print out the pages and follow the directions to sort the fast and slow movements! If you cannot print, you can also talk about which would go in each category.

3 - 5 Activities

Last week, we reviewed the different rhythmic notes that we have in music, and practiced sorting them. Today, we are going to perform rhythms, and make some rhythms of our own!

Did you know that many songs use the notes that we have been learning about?
First, see if you can say the rhythms along on du and du-de.
Then, grab something at home and see if you can play along to these rhythms! You may use tupperware as a drum, two spoons as rhythm sticks, anything that you would like!

Now that we’ve practiced speaking and playing rhythms, let's try to make some of our own! Using the link below, go on the Chrome Music Lab to create your own rhythm. See if you can figure out what it would be on du and du-de!