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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 10/19-10/23

K - 2 Activities

PART 1: Watch the read aloud Lois Ehlert’s story “Leaf Man”


Did you notice that the pictures in this book were created out of different leaves? Leaves create not only the Leaf Man but also vegetables and animals.



PART 2: Create a Leaf Person.

Go outside and collect a variety of fall leaves. Look for different colors, different sizes, different textures. Try to collect some other natural items that could be used to create your own Leaf Person, like acorns and small pinecones. Lay out all your leaves and items and arrange them to create a Leaf Person as detailed as the one in the story “Leaf Man.” If you can, glue your leaves to a piece of paper, but you can also lay them outside on a walkway or deck and eventually the wind will blow your leaf person away.


EXTENSION: Write a story for your Leaf Person.

3 - 5 Activities

Look at the image of the modern day Zakim bridge and the painting of Monet’s Japanese bridge:

Zakim Bridge, 1997 


Claude Monet, Japanese Bridge, 1899

Drawing Lesson:

Develop a list of art vocab words that describe or connect with each image.

(For example: straight line, metal, perspective)


Use the link below to begin new Google Drawing. Taking inspiration from these two examples of bridges, design your own bridge. Does your bridge have any similarities to these two, is it completely different? Which types of lines are on your bridge? Use Google Drawing to create your bridge. If you need, watch the tutorial to help you get started.