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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 11/9 - 11/13

K - 2 Activities

Let’s continue talking about musical pitches, high and low

Watch and sing “Going Up In An Elevator" with Mrs. Moldoff

This is a fun way to move our voice high and low... 

Try this VOCAL EXPLORATION activity!

Let's read the book Up Up Down

Help Mrs. Moldoff read the book using high and low pitches.

3 - 5 Activities

This week, we will continue our study of Rap and Hip-Hop music!

Watch the following video as an introduction to rhyming.

Please complete the exercise explained in this presentation.

Let's COMPOSE music!

Now It’s time to compose some end-rhymes:

For example, we can use the rhyming words like:





Then, we can create a rap using these rhyming words.  

Barron is my favorite PLACE

Everyday I show my FACE

I like to go to the SHOW

It’s my fave don’t you KNOW

I spy with my little EYE

and now it’s time to say good- BYE

Practice your composition over a beat until you feel it flowing. Use the provided rhythm tracks or find your own.  


Mellow Groove Rock Beat

Groove Rock Drum Beat