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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 11/16 - 11/20

K - 2 Activities

Please practice this voice exploration activity. 

You are doing a great job learning how to use your voices to sing in tune!

Enjoy using your voice to help tell this story.

Let’s review “Do Re Mi” from “The Sound of Music”

Here is another fun way to sing the pitches on the music scale.  Enjoy!

"Are We There Yeti?"

Emily Arrow is a Singer and Songwriter.  She makes up songs to go with children’s books.

Listen to her read the story “Are We There Yeti?” by Ashlyn Anstee. At the end you can sing the song that she made up to go with the story.  Have Fun!

3 - 5 Activities

This week you are going “Compose and Record” your own RAP!  If you would like, you can make a recording of your rap using SCREENCASTIFY. 



Life is like....

(This can be your first sentence leading into your first end rhyme.)


Let’s see if you can put all the steps together to compose your rap.

1. Choose your end rhymes - try to choose different ones from last week. (Use Rhyme Zone if you need to)

2. Add your sentences

3. Remember every two lines must rhyme (just like you practiced last week)

4. Practice your rap without music and then choose your rhythm track.  You can use your favorite song and rap your words above the melody, or you can use one of my rhythm tracks, or you can find your own!


Your rap should be at least  8 to 10 lines, no more than 16 lines

Share your rap with your family and friends!