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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 11/16 - 11/20

K - 2 Activities

Shape Unit continued : My Neighborhood

Supplies: Drawing paper 8x11, markers ,crayons


Students will continue to identify and name shapes.: circle, square, rectangle, trapezoid,diamond ,oval,and heart

  1. Guided drawing of the shapes above

  2. We will combine shapes to create a neighborhood of houses or a single house

  3. We will draw shapes for windows and doors and add details such as trees, bushes, sidewalks

  4. We will complete the scene with a sky and cloud shapes

  5. We will use color for the sky and foreground

  6. We will draw a person in the scene using shapes

If available this can also be created with cut paper shapes that are glued .

3 - 5 Activities

Owls on a Branch  Grades 3-5 continued week two

Guided Drawing: Sketching shapes to create a realistic owl

Supplies: 12x18 drawing paper, pencils, charcoal, eraser, photos of owls,pencil sharpener


Read, Owl Moon written by Jane Yolen and illustrated by John Schoenherr

Teacher will read Owl Moon by Jane Yolen and discuss owls. Owls are nocturnal and have unusual powers of sight. They hunt mice and other rodents and help maintain a natural balance. We can draw shapes to start the drawing with a circle ,oval , and branch shape. Emphasis is on shape and creating texture with line,(feathers, tree bark)

1.Draw a circle ,oval, and branch shape

2.Sketch the shapes in for the eyes :two circles one inside the other and a shape for the beak, tailfeathers, and claws

3. Begin sketching in feathery lines layering them .These may be blended and smudged. 

4. Create a pattern with line on the owl

5.Keep adding detail with the pencil

6.Choose a color for the eye black for the pupil and orange or yellow for the iris

7. Use texture to draw the branch, feathers , and details

8. Continue to add detail with your pencil and in the background

9. Share your drawing

Students will complete the details on this drawing with a feathery line and a background sky. We will also compose a short poem about owls and share them.


There are more than 100 species of owls and they come in many shapes and sizes.Owls are nocturnal and hunt rodents for food.