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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 11/23 - 11/27

K - 2 Activities

Watch the read aloud of the book called Too Much Glue by Jason Lifebvre.  

In the story we learn that the main character LOOOVVVEEES glue. He gets himself into a bit of a situation where he is stuck to the table with glue and covered with all sorts of things. 

Use a pencil and paper to do a drawing of yourself laying down and covered with glue. Draw a bunch of objects stuck to you in glue. 

What can you draw stuck to you? Buttons? Crayons? Stickers? Yarn? Toys? 

Once you are done drawing yourself covered in glue and toys/stuff, start to color your work of art!!!!

Extension: If time allows and you have your parents' permission, use a glue stick/glue bottle and find things that you can glue down to your drawing. For example, you could glue feathers or bottle caps or yarn to your drawing. Have fun with it and remember; don't glue on anything that your parents haven't given you permission to take/use. You can always just draw the objects! Have fun!!!

3 - 5 Activities

Watch the following book read aloud called, A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon.

After the read aloud video, use a piece of paper and pencil to draw a detailed portrait of yourself. 

Use your pencil/paper and try to look in a mirror (if possible) to help you draw a portrait that looks like you! You can also include your upper body and T-shirt/arms or your entire body in your portrait!

Similar to the girl called Camilla in the story, decorate your portrait with a unique pattern or design to your skin! This could be stripes or the american flag pattern. You could use polka dots, camouflage or zentangle details! This is your time to be creative! How will you transform your portrait into a fun design?

Use coloring supplies (anything you have access to) to color your beautiful portrait!!!!