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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 11/30 - 12/4

K - 2 Activities

“Don’t Cross the Black Line”

You will need a piece of white paper, a black marker, and coloring supplies (could even be paint!)

  1. Use the marker to create one long, continuous line (that means the line keeps going and does not break) throughout the paper, it should criss cross over itself many times.

  2. You will notice that your line has created many new spaces, or shapes. With your coloring supplies, color in each new space neatly from edge to edge - but don’t cross the black line!

  3. Whenever you complete one space, from edge to edge, choose a new color to color in the next space. *You can also try filling each space with a fun design or pattern!

3 - 5 Activities

Did you know that art can be made from anything and everything - from trash to recycling! In fact, there are plenty of artists who only make art from discarded items. Check out this article to take a look at some examples of incredible art made only from recycled items and trash: Click Here!


Create: After looking at the various examples in the article above, you will create your own robot (or another type of creature) out of recycled materials and art supplies you may have at home. Look at other examples below to get some ideas of how you can create your robot. 

Start with something for the body, like a tin can, yogurt container, or water/soda bottle. Add on to it with other recycled items like bottle caps, tin foil, and paper towel rolls. If you have, attach art items like pipe cleaners, buttons, and colored paper. You can also paint your robot! What other interesting supplies could you use?