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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 12/14 - 12/18

Happy December!

K - 2 Activities

Responding to Music:

What does this music make you think of?  How does this music make you feel?  Does it remind you of something or someone?

Activity:  Draw a picture showing what this music means to you.  It can contain people, places, or things.  Your picture can also tell a story!  Be sure to add color and lots of details as you follow along with the music!  You can even listen more than once to add even more parts to your picture.
Some things to think about:
Is the music fast or slow? (presto, allegro, andante, largo)
Is the music loud of soft? (forte, mezzo forte, mezzo piano, piano)
Does the music change?

3 - 5 Activities

Responding to Music:  COMPARE and CONTRAST

Compare: How are the two pieces of music the SAME?  Contrast:  How are the two pieces of music DIFFERENT?


Listen to the following two musical examples.  The first is the original work, "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", performed by Judy Garland from "The Wizard of Oz".  The second example is also "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", but performed and arranged by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.  When you finish listening, please complete the Google Form below!  Enjoy!