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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 12/21 - 12/25

K - 2 Activities

Responding to Music:

What does this music make you think of?  How does this music make you feel?  Does it remind you of something or someone?

  1.   Watch the following video called "Line Rider".  It will take you on a ride set to some wonderful music!
  2.  As you listen and watch the video of "Sleigh Ride", draw YOUR OWN person riding on a line set to the music!

3 - 5 Activities

Responding to Music:  COMPARE and CONTRAST

Compare: How are the two pieces of music the SAME?  Contrast:  How are the two pieces of music DIFFERENT?


Listen to the following two musical examples.  These two performances are of the popular holiday tune "Carol of the Bells".  As you listen to both of these pieces, think about how they are the SAME and how they are DIFFERENT.  Fill in the Google Form below!  Enjoy!

JUST FOR FUN!  Let's Dance!  :)