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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 12/14 - 12/18

K - 5 Activities


Option 1: 

1). Select one of the following youtube videos to watch and follow along as the artist guides you step by step to complete a holiday themed artwork!

2). Once you have completed the drawing steps, outline your work with a black marker (like the artist in the videos).

3). Use any coloring supplies you have access to, to color your artwork.

4). If time allows; try some more of the guided drawings listed below!  

5). Have fun!



Option 2:  


1). Illustrate a scene from your favorite book!  Be descriptive with your pictures and include as many details as you can.  

2). Use coloring/painting supplies to add color to your picture. 

3). Then show your picture to someone and explain what part of your favorite book your picture came from!