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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 1/4 - 1/8

K - 2 Activities

K-2 Color Unit

Supplies: 8x11 white paper, crayons, markers

Read “Mouse Paint,”by Ellen Stoll Walsh

1.Discuss colors and how we can make secondary colors by mixing primary colors

2.Draw six large shapes (ovals)

3 Color one yellow, red, and blue

4.Color the next three shapes mixing Y+R=O,Y+B=G, and R +B=P(violet)

5. Draw details such as eyes , nose, and tails

6. Draw lines in the background space to create areas that can be colored in.

Mouse Paint by Ellen Walsh/Children’s Book of Colors Read Aloud/Ms Becky & Bears Story Time on YouTube

3 - 5 Activities

My Hand: Line, Pattern, and Color Drawing (guided drawing0


Supplies :8x11 white drawing paper,pencil, markers, crayons


1.Students will create a hand tracing of their opposite hand and draw the fingernail shapes and ink it with markers.

2. Lines will be drawn to divide the negative white space in the background into individual areas

3.We will review what is line,shape, and pattern and draw these elements inside the spaces 

4.We will draw a different design in each space with the option of having some spaces be a solid color.

5.We will use our shading techniques to color these with marker or crayon


Students may mix colors inside each space