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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 1/18 - 1/22

K - 2 Activities

Last week we began to talk about dynamics, which is the volume of music! Music can be at many volumes. We learned that the word for loud in music is forte and the word for soft in music is piano. Today we are going to explore dynamics more with some fun activities!


The volume of a song really changes how it makes you feel. Using the Chrome Music Lab Song Maker, create your own song. Then, using the volume controls on your computer adjust the dynamics. Does your song sound better forte(loud), or piano(soft)?


Print out the pages and follow the directions to sort the loud and soft pictures! If you cannot print, you can also talk about which would go in each category.

3 - 5 Activities

As we learned last week, instruments are divided into families. Watch the videos below to see each instrument family, and then complete the kahoot game!

Woodwind Family

Strings Family

Brass Family

Percussion Family


Test your knowledge of the instruments of the orchestra with this Kahoot game! Create a school appropriate nickname and compete against other distance learning friends from around Salem. Remember, this is a game for fun!

Kahoot Game