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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 1/25 - 1/29

K - 2 Activities


Today we are going to listen to a song by a composer named Joseph Haydn. While you listen to the music, answer the following questions…

Haydn was known for creating jokes in his music and liked to have fun. What do you think the surprise will be? 

In this piece Haydn likes to play with the dynamics or volume in music. How does he use piano (quiet) and forte (loud) in his surprise?


Now that you listened to the Surprise Symphony, see if you can move to it!

Responding to Music:

Using a blank piece of paper or printing the paper below, draw how this song made you feel. You can either do one drawing for the whole song, or two separate drawings! (One for the surprise section and one for the rest of the song)

3 - 5 Activities

Over the last two weeks we have learned about the instruments of the orchestra! Go through the slideshow below to review the different instrument families.

Instruments can be made out of ANYTHING!

While instruments are traditionally made out of things like wood, metal and plastic, instruments can be made out of anything! Watch the two videos below to see some instruments made out of very different materials!

Create your own instrument!

Now that we’ve seen instruments can be made out of anything, it's time to see if you can make your own instrument!

Using materials you find in your house (that a parent or guardian gives permission to use!) see if you can make your own instrument! Your instrument does not have to be complex- simple things can make the best instruments, Can you guess what family it may be put in? Take a picture! Send it to Miss Pacuk at!