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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 2/1-2/5

K - 2 Activities

We all love Dr. Seuss!  Who has read his books????

Below are three youtube videos on how to draw Dr. Seuss characters.  Use any coloring supplies you have at home to add color to your works of art!


If time allows at the end of the drawing lesson, try to draw your favorite Dr. Seuss character. 

3 - 5 Activities

Watch the following video on how to draw a detailed fly!

  1. Using a pencil, follow the guided directions to draw a detailed insect. Pause the video often so that you can follow the steps at your own speed. Use your eraser often to make any necessary changes in your drawing. 
  2. If you have access to a dark marker, use it to outline your pencil lines. 
  3. Use any available coloring supplies you have to follow the guided coloring directions (color pencils/crayons/markers/paints). 
Enjoy, take your time and have fun!