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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 2/8 - 2/12

K - 2 Activities

Let’s review singing solfege together with Mrs. Moldoff.

This video shows how our voices go up and down the musical scale just like a staircase.

Let's move our hands up and down the scale with Mrs. Moldoff.

Let's read the story or “Mortimer” who doesn’t want to go to bed.  Everytime he is put to bed, he sings very loudly (FORTE!).  His family comes up and down the stairs (UP AND DOWN THE MUSIC SCALE) telling him to BE QUIET!  Sometimes his parents come up the stairs (Softly - piano) and sometimes they are very (Loud - Forte).  Sometimes they run up the stairs Presto and other times they move very slowly, Largo.

Have fun following Mrs. Moldoff as she reads this funny story! 

3 - 5 Activities

Today I’d like you to go back and watch our first video on theme and variations.

Can you come up with two more ways of singing the song in the video?

“Theme and Variations, it’s like a conversation, where I keep saying, keep replaying the same thing, just to change it up again”


Now it’s time to make a screencastify video. 
Please choose a song you know…...maybe…..Jingle Bells or any holiday song, Happy Birthday, A nursery rhyme (not Twinkle) etc.  Please try to perform it two different ways.   Make a recording of you singing it correctly and then with the two different variations.  If you like how it comes out, share it with your family or another friend in remote learning.  Save it to share with your music teacher when you come back to school.  Have fun!

Watch this video to remind you how to make a screencastify video.