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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 3/1 - 3/5

K - 5 Activities

Students will be creating a fantasy animal like the images below:

The above picture of my fantasy animal includes a bird head, turtle shell, alligator body, cheetah tail, frog legs and bird wings
The above picture of my fantasy animal includes a bear head, crab claws, deer antlers, alligator body/ tail, blue heron legs and purple bird wings. This example also includes the environment around the fantasy animal.

Lesson: I would like you to use a piece of paper, pencil and any coloring supplies you have at home to create a fantasy animal and include the home it lives in.


Lesson Steps:


  1. Begin with drawing the body of your fantasy animal. You can pick any animals you want to combine to make your own fantasy animal creation. Once you have drawn the body, begin to draw all the other parts of your animal using body parts combined from different animals.

  2. Outline the pencil lines on your fantasy animal with a crayon or marker.

  3. Use any coloring supplies you have at home to make your fantasy animal look more like the intended animals. For example; if you want it to look like a cow body, draw and color black spots. If you want your wings to look like a cardinal bird, color the wings red. 

  4. If time allows, draw the world/environment/scenery around your fantasy animal. Then color that too. Feel free to draw a family of fantasy animals. 


Have fun and be creative!!!!!!!!