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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 3/22 - 3/26

K - 5 Activities

We can CREATE music using lots of different materials we can find around our house!  We can also CREATE music to tell a story, or to "paint" a picture.


Watch the following video about "FOUND SOUND PERCUSSION", and listen to the performer's piece about a Rainstorm.


K -5 Directions:


  • CREATE at least TWO of the instruments you saw in the video (or MAKE UP YOUR OWN)


What are some RAINSTORM sounds you can create with those instruments ?


  • Create at least FOUR sounds

                     (Ex.  DripDrip DripDrip Drop Drop)


WRITE out your sounds using music notes (Dus, DuDes, Shh, Du-u)
Create a Screencastify video of yourself PERFORMING your rainstorm found percussion piece and send it to Ms. McDonough: