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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 5/10 - 5/14

K - 2 Activities

3 - 5 Activities

This week you will be reviewing dynamics - the volume or loud and soft tones in music.


Please review the vocabulary words for dynamics in the slideshow below
There are two other dynamic markings that will be used in the next listening piece:

Crescendo is when the music goes from soft to loud.  Decrescendo is when the music goes from loud to soft.


In the piece below the music will begin piano and then crescendo to forte.

It will do that same volume a second time - begin piano and then crescendo to forte.

The music will repeat a third time but this time it will begin piano, crescendo to forte, and then continue getting louder to fortissimo!  It is a very exciting piece of music.

Listen and watch below.  See how the conductor lets the instrument players know when to be soft and when to be loud.

Now it’s time to get up and move.  Have fun doing the “Move It”  below to the same piece you just listened to.

Our last activity today is a Dynamics Quiz game. 
Listen to the different excerpts of the music and decide their dynamic levels. 

When you log onto this link, please look to the right side for “Loud  Quiet”  Have fun!