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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 6/1 - 6/4

K - 2 Activities


Students will create a work of art using printmaking.  Students will use found objects from around their house to stamp in paint (or other media) to make repeated images. 



  1. Find objects like plastic forks or lids of marker caps that you can use to create prints with.

  2. Using a piece of paper and any type of thicker paints, dip your stamp tools in the paint. 

  3. Push/press the stamp or tool onto the paper and it will leave a print. Experiment with making repeated marks and designs using these found objects for stamps.

  4. Create as many stamping works of art as you can during art time. Try to be creative and explore shape or color patterns. Can you create a unique and fun design?


3 - 5 Activities

"I’d Rather Be There"

The project is based on  some art by LA based artist Jim Darling. Jim creatively tackles a wide variety of visual forms. It was a series of windows that caught my eye, though.

Materials Needed: White paper, colored pencils or crayons

I loved the sculptural aspect of the pieces like the one above. The airplane window and the interior wall of the plane create a built in frame for the scene out the window. When I shared this series with the students we talked about the contrast between the positive shape of the window scene and the negative shape of the wall outside the window.


1- Draw out the window shape on your paper 
2- Think about  what could be out the window from an airplane (high above the land) and draw what you envision. Is it fields, clouds, a city, a small town? 
3- Use paper and coloring supplies to color your own airplane window view!