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Ms. McDonough's UA Class: Week of 6/7 - 6/11

K - 2 Activities

Rainbow Garden

First, listen to a read aloud of Lois Ehlert’s book “Planting A Rainbow.”
Now we will create our own rainbow garden!
You will need a white piece of paper, pencil, and coloring supplies including something to create black outlines.  
Thinking about the illustrations we saw in the book and looking at some actual photo examples of flowers below, draw between 3 and 7 flowers on your paper with a pencil, some big, some small, some tall, some short.

Trace all your flowers with a black marker or crayon. Add any other beautiful details with crayons or markers. If you have watercolor color paints you could also choose to paint instead - just make sure you have used crayons to draw with instead of markers. Also remember to add a beautiful and colorful background!

3 - 5 Activities

Create an Art Meme!

You probably already know what a “meme” is - what are the elements that make a meme a meme?

First, list them on a piece of paper, then open up the slide show below.
Look through the slide show below to learn exactly what makes a meme (see if you were right!) and see some examples. The slide show details your project - to create the text that goes along with each attached fine arts photo in the slide show. Try to create at least 3, but maybe you can do them all! You can write out your memes text on a piece of paper or copy the images into a new slide show.