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Team Bears: Homework Page

Every night!

Chromebooks should be charged nightly and brought to school everyday. Most classes will be using these Chromebooks for classwork and students will need them to complete homework as well.

It is suggested that students also have a cheap pair of headphones to keep in their backpack to use with their Chromebooks. Bluetooth does work on the Chromebooks however, when 20 students try and do this they can accidently connect to the wrong device. 

If you forget your Chromebook and classwork was completed using the computers you will need to finish for homework!

Please make sure your student is checking Google classroom for assignments on the days they are absent from school.


October HW

October 5

ELA- Personal Narrative due Friday

         Readers notebook 

Math- None

SS- None

Sci- None

October 4

SS- None

ELA- Personal Narrative due Friday

         Readers notebook 

Science- Finish lab

Math- None


September 28

  • ELA- Narrative Draft due 10/3
    • Scholastic Book orders due 9/30
  • Sci- 
  • Math- None
  • SS- None

September 27

  • ELA- None
  • Math- Finish Mean worksheet
  • SS- Purple only- Nacirema worksheet
  • Sci- Using Energy diagram worksheet

September 22

  • All classes complete missing/late work
  • SS- Blue Country comparison 

September 21-

  •   SS- Red, Yellow, Blue- Finish timeline packet (may use calculator)
    • Purple- Finish part 1 questions 1 & 3

September 20

  • Sci- 

    Blue/Purple – Complete Energy Check-in form and energy Card sort if not finished and watch 2 videos in Google Classroom ( Energy 101 and Wind energy)

    Red/Yellow - watch 2 videos in Google Classroom ( Energy 101 and Wind energy)

  • Math- Lesson 4 exit ticket

  • SS- Red/Yellow- Finish Country Comparison

  • ELA- I am From poem 

September 19

  • Math- Finish lesson 4 exit ticket
  • ELA- I am From due 9/21
  • Sci- Blue and Purple- Finish Classwork
  • SS- Purple- Finish Country Comparison

September 16

  • ELA- I am From poem due 9/21
  • Sci- None
  • Math- None
  • SS- Red, Yellow, Purple- Country Slides due before class Monday
    • Blue- Slides due before class Tuesday

September 14

  • Math- Finish Statistical worksheet
  • Sci, ELA, SS- None

September 13

  • SS- Red Class only- Finish Google Form
  • ELA- Red Class- Finish Classwork
  • Science- Study for assessment
  • Math- None

September 9

  • ELA- Missing Work
  • Sci- Finish Classwork
  • Math- None
  • SS- Finish Map packet

September 8

  • Sci- Finish classwork
  • ELA- Letter to Mr. Millas due 9/9
  • Math, SS- None

September 7

  • SS- Finish Geography slides
  • Sci- None
  • Math-Finish Worksheets
  • ELA- Letter to Mr. Millas due 9/9

September 6

All Advisories- Bring back blue sheets!

  • ELA- Welcome Slides
  • Sci- Task 4 if not finished in class
  • Math, SS- None

September 2

All Advisories- Bring back blue sheets!

  • ELA- Welcome Slides due 9/6
  • Sci- Go Outside
  • Math, SS- None