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Team Hawks: MATH

***MATH Re-Take Procedures**


Re-Takes:                               Students may re-take any graded assessment below an "M", within 2 weeks of getting the assessment back. 

                   1.)  Student submits Error Analysis on separate paper, incorrect work re-done  & write a brief description of mistake(s) made.

                   2.)  Meets with the teacher after setting a mutually agreed upon time: before school,  during Directed Study, or after school.

                   3.)  Related homework must be  up to date 

                   4.)  Students will be re-taught, then given similar problems  to practice until the teacher sees the student is ready for a re-take. 

                   5.)  The re-take will be new problems that are similar to the original incorrect assessment problems. Only incorrect problems are re-taken.

                                          *** This process could take several meetings depending on a variety of impacting factors.***



Hawks students can access these same videos in order of by the module numbers through their Google Classroom account.

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