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Caitlyn Shea's Classroom: Welcome To Fifth Grade: Eureka Math Resources

"The future of the world is in my classroom today" Ivan Welton Fitzwater

Eureka Overview

This year 5th graders will continue to use Eureka as our math program.  Students will use single-use workbooks as we progress through the program.  There are three types of workbooks: practice, learn and succeed.  Practice books have the yellow spine and provide fluency and fact practice.  Learn books have a blue spine and are the books that are used during the lessons in class.  Succeed books have the red spine and are used for homework.  Besides just homework sheets in this book, it also provides students and families with homework helper pages where model problems and solutions are given.  These are available for every lesson.  Eureka Math Tips for Parents will also be posted when they are available for the modules.  

5th Grade Math Roadmap

Click here to see an overview of the 5th grade math curriculum. 

5th Grade Math Tips for Families

Module 1: Place Value & Decimal Fractions

Click here for Module 1- Topic A- Lessons 1-4 Tips for Parents