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Alyssa Brown's Classroom: Dec. 21st- 23rd

Weekly Lessons

Week of December 21st-23rd

Remote Lessons


This Week

Remote Unified Arts

Click here


Today is a writing session. Click here to print your writing paper. Try your best to draw and write a true story! 


We do not have a new learning video assigned for today.  

Feel free to choose one of the options below:

  • Choose a book from your home library to read to your stuffed animal 
  • Hop on Bookflix and choose a few different read alouds to enjoy 
  • Visit Starfall to practice letters, letter sounds and/or reading 
  • Visit Raz Kids to practice reading 



Topic D Parent Tip Sheet

Module 3 Lesson 13: Compare volume using more than, less than, and the same as by pouring

Click on the video to start your math lesson: 


2 cups of small dry objects (beans, block toys, cereal, pasta, rice)

Clear containers (such as a bowl, cup, jar, mug)


Module 3 Lesson 13 Template

Module 3 Lesson 13 Problem Set


Check out these familiar Christmas Carols: Click here

I wonder if you can find any snap words in them! 

You can also practice pointer power while reading, find rhyming words, and have fun singing the carols! 

Remote Unified Arts

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Let's continue to spread kindness!

I challenge you to write a kindness note, letter or card for someone special. You can create your card or note with paper or use the templates that I have provided! Don't forget all that we have learned to make our writing easy to read!

Holiday Card

Merry Christmas Note

Writing Paper


We do not have a new learning video assigned for today.  

Feel free to choose one of the options below:

  • Choose a book from your home library to read to your stuffed animal 
  • Hop on Bookflix and choose a few different read alouds to enjoy 
  • Visit Starfall to practice letters, letter sounds and/or reading 
  • Visit Raz Kids to practice reading

Don't forget to use your Reading Super Powers! 




Here are some games that are all about measuring weight!

Leaf Leader

Click here to play:  

Chow Time

Click here to play:  

Pan Balance

Click here to play:  

Weigh This

Click here to play:  



Letter Chants

Click on the picture to practice all of your letter chants!

Reading in First Grade

Remote Unified Arts

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I wonder if you will find anything beneath your Christmas tree on Christmas Day! 


Check out this Christmas Writing Paper to draw and write what you think you will get/see!

Or you can continue to work on your true stories! Click here for writing paper!


Do you have a favorite Christmas Story?! Cuddle up with your favorite book and take some time after to draw your favorite part with this reading response paper: click here!

If you do not have a Christmas story at home, feel free to listen to one of these below!

The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever: Click here

Elf: Click here!                                                              

Mooseltoe: Click here!    



Make Your Own Scale

Check out this video to see how to make a seesaw scale at home:

Or click here to see how you can make a scale with a hanger:



Holiday Scavenger Hunt

I wonder if you can find any of these things around your home! 

Have fun! 



Enjoy time with your family! 


Enjoy time with your family! Don't forget to do something kind even on Christmas! :) 


Unit 2: Writing for Readers 



To learn more, click here to view our writing introduction video for families!


Unit 2: Reading Super Powers

Reading with Print Strategies and Sight Word Power

This unit is organized into 3 bends: 

Bend I Using Super Powers to Look and Point, and Then Read Everything

In Bend I the students have been introduced to the idea that all readers have super powers to help & guide them while they are reading. We have been focusing on our "pointer power". 

The children will be asked to activate their "pointer power" as they...

-read familiar texts

-use one-to-one matching

-tap each word, just once

-check that their reading makes sense

-point to words they know in a SNAP!

Bend II Taking on Even the Hardest Words

We are currently working in Bend II. In this bend the students will activate ALL of the super reading powers that they have learned thus far (pointer power, reread power, & partner power). These powers will be helpful as the students navigate how to take on even the hardest of words. They will learn that at times (just as true superheroes do) they will run into trouble with their reading. Things will get hard! But that they are TOUGH and have all the power within them to get the job done! The students will be introduced to picture power, snap word power, sound power, and persistence power.They will also explore how to turn more words into words they will know in a SNAP! 

Bend III Bringing Books to Life 

To learn more, click here to view our SUPER READERS introduction video for families!


Eureka Module 2: Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Shapes

In Module 2, students learn to correctly name 2D and 3D shapes regardless of their orientation, size, or variation. Kindergarten students will transition from classifying and identifying shapes by how they look (e.g., “It’s a rectangle because it looks like a door.”) to more precise descriptions based on mathematical attributes (e.g., “It’s a rectangle because it has four straight sides and no openings.”).

 Introduced Terms

  • Above, below, beside, in front of, next to, behind (position words)
  • Circle
  • Cone (solid shape)
  • Cube (solid shape)
  • Cylinder (solid shape)
  • Face (flat side of a solid)
  • Flat (two-dimensional shape)
  • Hexagon (flat figure enclosed by six straight sides)
  • Rectangle (flat figure enclosed by four straight sides)
  • Solid (three-dimensional shape)
  • Sphere (solid shape)
  • Square (flat figure enclosed by four straight, equal sides)
  • Triangle (flat figure enclosed by three straight sides)


Unit 2: Word Scientists

There are three primary goals for the children in this unit: letter knowledge and letter-sound correspondence, phonological awareness, and high frequency words.


Bend I Studying the Alphabet and the Alphabet Chart

We are currently studying Bend 1 of this unit. The children are studying the alphabet linking chart while noting keywords and their corresponding letters. They will examine upper and lowercase letters, and share their observations. They will practice the alphabetic principle, where they will connect and grow their letter-sound knowledge. We will explore more in-depth with letter formation and the differentiation between upper and lowercase letters. Lastly, the children will investigate the alphabet chart by discussing the similarities and differences that they discover, and even design their very own! 

Bend II Using the Alphabet to Write

Bend III Studying and Using High-Frequency Words to Write and Read


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Reading Resources

Raz Kids

Click here to get to Raz Kids:  Raz-Kids on the App Store on iTunes | Raz kids, Kids app, Kids ebooks

Teacher:  abrown758

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* Read a story on Bookflix :                        

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Password: 03079


* Learn about the World with PebbleGo!

Click here:  

username:  salem1   

password: 03079

Math Resources

ST Math

* Click here to play ST Math with Jiji:  


Click  to listen to the number song and practice writing numbers 1-10!

SNAP Words

Check out our snap word collection: