Distance Learning

December 21st-23rd, 2020


Daily Lessons


Children will learn the phonics chant  and proper formation for the letter Qq

To review the letter Qq dance chant please click HERE.

To review ALL the dance chants click HERE. 

Please print the handwriting worksheet for uppercase Q HERE.

Please print the handwriting worksheet for lowercase q HERE. 

Writer's Workshop Session #11

Learning Objective for 11:  Using a Partner to Hear More Sounds in Words. Writers work with other writers to help them find misspelled words, and then they work together to stretch out these words, listening for the sounds and writing down the sounds they hear.

Daily Special

Gendron –PE
Murphy – Art
Scenna - Library

Phonics Session #9/10 Combined 

Session 9: When You Know The ABC Chart Really Well, You Can Use it to Write

Today your kids will help to label items in pictures, first by thinking of a word that names the picture, listening for the first sound in that word, thinking about which letter goes with that sound, checking the alphabet chart, and then writing the letter. Then, students will either make their own Mabel and Blue Bear story, drawing and labeling their own pictures with initial sounds, or they’ll add labels to their writing from writing workshop, using the alphabet chart to help them label initial sounds

Using letters and sounds you know, create a story for Mabel and Blue Bear HERE

Extension: Write Lowercase Letters

Session 10: Writers Use What They Know About Letters to Label Their Writing

Today your kids will help label items in another student’s writing, listening and recording more sounds in the words. They will use the alphabet chart when needed. Then, they’ll take a piece of writing from their writing folder and make sure they’ve included letters and sounds in their writing, adding more labels and possibly even sentences.

Share: Reading Aloud to Club Members and Friends

Eureka Math: Lesson #10

Objective: Compare the weight of an object to a set of unit weights on a balance scale


Module 3 Lesson 10 Template

This will be the problem set for today: Module 3 Lesson 10 Homework

Read Aloud

Listen to one of Mrs. Gendron's Read Alouds, or ask someone at home to read to you

Don't forget to take brain breaks and have some quiet time!

Reader's Workshop: Session #12 Readers Use the Pattern to Sing Out Their Books
Today your students will benefit from different types of texts. By having poems and songs and chants and books, they can really practice this skill. They can do this work by using the pattern, or the words that repeat across the song or poem or pages of a book, and sing those parts out! This will help them use their reading voices to bring their books to life in a stronger way.



Gendron – Art
Murphy – Music
Scenna-Music (MCDONOUGH) 9:50am

Word Study: Students will be introduced to the sight word "and". Students will read and highlight the word "and" and read the story Foods I Like. Also see videos to the right to practice the new word. 

Please see the book HERE. 

Complete sight word practice sheet HERE. 

Eureka Math: Module 3 Lesson 11

Objective:  Observe conservation of weight on the balance scale

Module 3 Lesson 11 Problem Set

Module 3 Lesson 11 Homework

Read Aloud

Listen to one of Mrs. Gendron's Read Alouds, or ask someone at home to read to you

Don't forget to take brain breaks and have some quiet time!



Please have your child complete the following lessons and activities today. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday.

-The Kindergarten Teams

Phonics/Word Study: Your child has brought home their ABC Folder. Every week your child completes a picture sort for the letter of the day. This activity should be very familiar to them. 

1. Have your child watch the Geraldine Letter Yy video to the right of this screen. 

2. Please play the Letter Yy letter chant HERE. 

3. Have your child find 4 pictures that begin with the letter Yy. 

4. Find letter Yy in their ABC Folder. Glue the four pictures. 

5. Practice writing uppercase and lowercase Yy at the top. 

6. Challenge: Stretch out the words for each picture. 

Reader's Workshop: Session #13

Readers Use Punctuation to Figure Out How to Read

Today your students will practice looking for clues inside their texts. These punctuation clues will help them figure out how the parts of their songs or poems or books want to be read. By using these important clues, they can bring their reading to life even more! 


Gingerbread House Clip Art drawing free image   HOLIDAY CRAFT (OPTIONAL):

In your packet we sent home a template for your child to create a gingerbread 3D craft. 

1. Color the gingerbread house

2. Cut, folder, glue, and assemble. 

3. Directions are attached. 


Read Aloud

Listen to one of Mrs. Gendron's Read Alouds, or ask someone at home to read to you

Don't forget to take brain breaks and have some quiet time!


Winter holidays clipart on a white background free image

Clipart of Merry Christmas sign free image

Letters of the Week!

Watch the links below for some extra practice with our letters of the week!