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Woodbury Renovation Project: Project Design Images

Current Woodbury Site

The plan includes expanding the Woodbury footprint to provide additional space by utilizing the district-owned, wooded parcel beside the building.

New Building Configuration

This image shows a top-down view of the proposed new building. White areas represent new construction and gray areas represent existing structures that will be reused or repaired. The new bus drop off area is shown where there currently is a wooded lot (owned by the district).

Reuse, Repair & Rebuild

The plan works with the existing structure where feasible, demolishes areas and systems that are beyond repair, and builds new multi-use spaces.

Student Arrival

Relocating the student bus drop off area improves overall traffic flow and provides a safer entrance walkway for students.

On-Site Parking

The parking reconfigurations will minimize the need to cross Main Street improving traffic flow and safety.

Safety & Security

Traffic patterns for cars, buses, parents and students will be improved by creating separate, specific-use areas. 

A Thoughtful Design Inside & Out

Beyond repairs to systems and structures, the project thoughtfully reorganizes the building to improve flow, functionality, and student collaboration.

Functional Organization

Grade-level wings will minimize student travel requirements and distractions while maximizing team interaction. Relocating the cafeteria and library will improve building flow and functionality. A new gymnasium will have connected facilities yet separate public activities from student areas. 

Main Level

Upper Level

Lower Level