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Woodbury Renovation Project: Construction Video Updates

All Photos and Video by Salem School District Media


October Update 3 - Gym Truss Going Up:

October Update 2 - Foundation and Steel Going Up

October Update 1 - Aerials


Woodbury Renovation Photo Gallery 2:

Click on the right arrow to continue viewing progress of the renovation, continued from the slideshow below.

New doors!

Progress on one of the main hallways

Paper is laid down so as not to dirty the new carpets. In the back are whiteboards waiting to be installed.

Whiteboards waiting to be installed in one of the classrooms.

Brand new water fountains

New carpeting!

Glass being installed

Fire extinguishers, clocks, and lighting fixtures installed

Science tables being put together

New bathrooms!

Furniture coming in!

Brand new desks!

Furniture delivery day.

There is a mural on every floor signifying the "teams" at Woodbury.

A science room.

A teacher's desk the first week of school!

The temporary library. The new library will be in a different wing of the new school and much bigger!

Some fall reading choices.

Woodbury Renovation Photo Gallery 1:

 Click on the right arrow to take you from the beginning of renovation to the summer of 2022.

End of demolition in the first year

Another view of the building gone

The concrete outline of the new wing is laid down

Steel beams going up

The day before the lot was paved.

Paving taking place.

HVAC ventilation being installed on the roof.

East side of school

Pipes being put in the ground on the east side.

East side of school

South side of building

West side of new wing

New lockers put in in the "team area" on one of the floors

One of the "team areas" at an early stage of construction

Installing the steel for the new staircases

Lockers coming in!

The stairwell is usable at this point, but not quite finished

Lockers that haven't been unwrapped yet.

Counters being put up in one of the classrooms.

Flooring being meticulously put in by construction crews

Science counters and cabinets being installed.

Brand new light fixtures

The area with the plastic tarp is one of the stairwells. The plastic will be replaced by massive glass panes eventually.

The front of the school getting a new parking lot!

Behind the glass here is a giant stairwell, leading you to all three floors.

A neat addition to every classroom are massive whiteboards.

New science sinks and counters

New lockers

Bathrooms in new wing

This area is under the stairs

Ceiling tiles being put in the stairwell

Demolition Update 5 - ALL Demo Recap

Demolition Update 4 - Lobby

Demolition Update 3 - Library

Demolition Update 2 - Boiler Room, Chorus Room

Demolition Update 1 - Sixth Grade Wing

The first thing to be demolished in year two of the renovation project was the sixth grade wing.

A Look Back at the First Year of Renovations

May 2022 Construction

Giant glass walls have been put in the main foyers. Ceilings are being finished. Interior glass windows, decorative lighting and decorative ceilings are being installed. Flooring is close to done. Massive white boards have been hung up.

April 2022 Construction

Flooring is starting to be put in. Counters and cabinets are being installed. Glass walls and stairs have been installed and are now usable. Exterior facade is coming together nicely.

March 2022 Construction

Aerial view of the new wing, a few days after HVAC systems were installed.

February 2022 Construction

A walk through of the new wing.

October 2021 Construction

More steel is added to the new addition on the west side of the building and pipes are buried underground on the east side:

September 2021 Construction

New concrete poured in the east wing.

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August 2021 Construction

Front lot gets paved, new foundation for west side of building begins.

All Video by Salem School District Media