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Erin Bergeron's Classroom: Monthly Newsletter


April Notes

Dear Second Grade Families,

I hope that April brings warm weather and pleasant temperatures.  It’s hard to believe we are close to April vacation.  This month will fly by as it is filled with many fun activities in our classroom and in the school.  Let's hope for beautiful, warm weather for our April vacation.  As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns that may arise. 


Mrs. Bergeron  


The third trimester has just started.  Here are some concepts we are working on:

  • In Reader’s Workshop, we will continue to work on fluency and voice when reading.  Students have been asked to practice taking on the mood and voice of their characters so that it is reflected in their voices.

  • In Writers Workshop we will continue our Opinion Unit in writing.  Throughout this unit, students will be writing letters persuading others to read particular texts.  They will use evidence to back

up their opinions! 

  • In Phonics, we will be covering prefixes and suffixes. We will also review endings –ing, -ed, and –s to base words.  Students will be reminded that some words require a spelling change when a suffix is assed: doubling the consonant, dropping the silent e, or changing the y to i.

  • In Math we will continue to review all topics that we have covered in math so far this year.  In addition, we will start our unit on measurement, and begin our units on Data and Graphing.


Author of the Month again:

Cynthia Rylant


This month, our sharing day will be April 21st. Please remember to complete the sharing sheet.

Family Project:

Henry and Mudge Book Bag

This month, each student will get the opportunity to take home the Henry and Mudge Book Bag. They are asked to read at least one book from the bag.  There are a series of activities and crafts that they can complete. It is important that students only keep the bag ONE night and return it the next day.


I would like to thank all the parent volunteers who come in and assist during reading and writing time each week.  The students are successful in Room 202 because of your continuous effort and assistance.  Thank you!