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Erin Bergeron's Classroom: Sharing Information and Dates

Sharing Information

Sharing is an important part of students. They enjoy sharing their stories and experiences with each other.  This year, students are encouraged to be picky about their sharing and bring in something that has significance and a good story (not something that is cool or awesome).  I discourage toys unless it is something with a story. Sharing will take place once a month on the following dates below.  On that date, students need to bring in an item with the attached sheet.  If the sheet isn’t complete, they can’t share. Each child will be sharing on the same day.

Sharing Dates

The following are when sharing will take place:

September 23              January 27                 

October 28                 February 24               

November 18               March 24

December 16               April 21

                             May 26