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Kelly Seaman's Classroom: Welcome to Kindergarten



Welcome to Kindergarten!


Hello Kindergarten Friends! I hope you are ready to have a super special year in Kindergarten! I am so excited to be your teacher this year! Each day we will grow, learn, and have tons of fun together! Let's make it a great year by being brave, kind, and respectful to ourselves and others!

SSD Curriculum Resources

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Covid 19: A Parent's Guide

Click the guide below to learn when to stay home, get tested, and return to school.

Our class schedule

Our Kindergarten Day!

Our kindergarten students will begin their day on the kindergarten playground. If you are dropping your child off in the morning, please enter the 3rd entrance on your left where you will see the kindergarten playground. Drop off begins at 8:30. One of our kindergarten support staff members will be there to greet you and your child. If your child is taking the bus, they will be dropped off near the kindergarten parking lot and a kindergarten support staff member will direct them to the kindergarten playground. If you are dropping off in the morning it would be really helpful to have your child arrive by 8:45. This will allow time to unpack and ease into the start of our busy school day which begins at 9:00. 

Team Time/Morning Meeting

Unpack/Morning Play

Morning Meeting 

Word Study






Lunch & Recess


Content- Science/SS/ST math

Pack Up

Specialist Schedule

Monday: Guidance (every other week!)

Tuesday: Music

Wednesday: Gym

Thursday: Art

Friday: Library