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Melody Morton's Classroom: Literacy

Units of Study

The relationship between reading and writing is so important. Therefore, we as a district do our best to intertwine units so they align nicely with one another. This helps build critical, deeper level thinking skills and help students write about various texts as well as genres throughout the year. The following is an outline of the units of study for both reading and writing.


Notice and Note (Fiction Signposts)

Unit 1: Interpretation Book Clubs

Notice and Note (Non-ficiton Signposts)

Unit 2: Tackling Complexity-Moving Up Levels of Nonfiction

Unit 3: Argument and Advocacy-Researching Debatable Issues

Unit 4: Fantasy Book Clubs


Unit 1: Narrative Craft

Unit 2: Lens of History-Research Reports

Unit 3: Research Based Argument Essay

Unit 4: Memoir