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Melanie Tremblay's Classroom: Learning From Home


Please complete 1 ZEARN lesson each day.  ZEARN lessons have 4 parts, and your child may be in the middle of a lesson currently. Your child does NOT need the "note packet" it may reference.



Please complete 1 hour of STMath each week. You can break this up into 3 - 20 minute sessions or 2 - 30 minute sessions.



First grade is starting a new opinion writing unit! In class, the students are asked to bring a collection of related items, and write about the best one in their collection.  This may be hard to do at home!  We suggest that your child writes everyday for 20 minutes.  You can ask him/her a prompt from below (or make up your own in a similar fashion) and have your child write what he/she prefers and list 2-3 reasons why. You may write on whatever paper you have at home. Your child may draw a picture to go with it.  

You can pose a prompt to your child such as:  

1. Do you prefer summer or fall?

2. Do you prefer apples or carrots?

3. Do you prefer breakfast or dinner?

4. Do you prefer lunch or recess?

5. Would you rather read a book or do math?

6. Who do you like better Buzz Lightyear or Woody from Toy Story?

For example:  

I like summer better than fall. I like summer because you can go swimming at the beach and be outside. I also like summer because you can go to the ice cream truck.  I like summer the best!

Reading Unit 3

First grade JUST finished our word detectives unit! While your child is home, please watch 1 word detective reading lesson each day to review what we have been learning about at school! Go in order! Then read for 20 minutes to practice using your word detective skills. You may read books from home, or from our digital reading resources listed in the "other activities" box below. 

Username: soule1

Password: soule1

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Lesson 2

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Reader's Have BIG Jobs to Do!

First grade JUST started a new unit  called "Reader's Have BIG Jobs to Do!". There are NO videos for these lessons. These are the visuals being used at school to help your child tackle hard words in their books! Click on each visual to see it larger!


Other Learning Activities


Other Learning Websites


RAZ Kids Class Code: kdacey2

Bookflix Username: soule Password: 03079