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Barron: Meet Barron Staff

Grade 1

Pictured from left to right:  Cecilia McGlynn, Sarah DeCoteau, Karen Stone, Andrea deRose

I’m looking forward to a year of new faces and new exciting ideas.  We are all coming together as a strong Bobcat team!  ~ Mrs. McGlynn

~ Ms. DeCoteau

I always look forward to seeing those “lightbulb moments” when a child’s expression tells me they truly understand. ~ Mrs. Stone

~ Mrs. deRose


Resource Team

Pictured left to right:  Suzanne Clark, Katie Somers, Kristen Lopez, Linda Oura

I'm so impressed by how all the students, staff and families have already created an environment of support, friendship and community.  It's going to be a GREAT year! ~ Mrs. Clark

I'm looking forward to a GREAT year with our new Barron family! ~ Mrs. Somers

I love seeing "AHA" moments when a child learns something new, makes a connection, or meets a goal! ~ Mrs. Lopez

What I LOVE most about the Barron School is the sense of community and family. ~ Mrs. Oura