Salem School Board

School Board Officers & Email Links

Chairman (2022-2025)
Dr. Patricia Corbett

Vice Chairman (2021-2024)
Michael J. Carney, Jr.

Secretary (2021-2024)
Pamela R. Berry

Bernard H. Campbell (2023 - 2026)
Peter A. Morgan (2022-2025)

Student Members (2023 - 2024)
Kelsey McGibbon

Niamh Baker

District Moderator (2022-2025)
Terrence Scanlan

District Clerk (2022-2025)
Kelly Bryant

District Treasurer (2022-2025)
Lucille G. Ramsey

Recording Secretary
Lucille G. Ramsey

District Counsel
Soule, Leslie, Kidder, Sayward, and Loughman

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Committee Members

Municipal Budget
Bernard H. Campbell

Municipal Budget (alternate)
Michael J. Carney, Jr.

Peter A. Morgan

Regional CTE
Patricia M. Corbett

Professional Development
Patricia M. Corbett

Hall of Fame
Pamela R. Berry/Michael J. Carney, Jr. (Alt.)

Board Negotiations
Peter Morgan/Michael J. Carney, Jr.  - SEPA

Pamela R. Berry/Patricia M. Corbett - SESPA

NHSBA (Delegate/Alternate)
Pamela R. Berry/Patricia M. Corbett

Woodbury Renovation Project
Michael J. Carney, Jr. 

Board Development
Patricia M. Corbett / Pamela R. Berry