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Mrs. Rigby's 3rd Grade Class: Homework

Homework in 226

Your child will generally have math and spelling homework every night, Monday through Thursday. On occasion students will recieve writing, Science, or Social Studies homework as well. 

MATH: Your child will be sent home with a math page each night, M-Th.  The page your child brings home will be a review of the lesson taught in class that day.  If your child struggles with the "Practice" side of the homework, have them complete the "Reteaching" side instead.

WORD STUDY:  Your child will bring home a Word Study contract at the beginning of the year.  A list of 10 words will be sent home on Monday and practiced in school throughout the week.  Students should complete at least 3 activities from their Words Contract to be handed in by Friday.

Additional homework your child should complete each night includes:

Read for 15 minutes and complete reading log to be turned in on the last school day of the month. 
(For September only your child will get a weekly reading log.)
Study number facts **Use the games on this website to help you!

Your child will write his/her homework in his/her assignment book each night. Once your child has finished his/her homework, please sign the assignment book so I know that you have seen it. I often use the assignment book to write notes home, so it is important that you check this notebook each night. 
Thank you for your cooperation!

Week of 6/1/2015

Reading: Read 15 minutes  -Log

Word Study: 3 Activities due Friday

Math Topic:        Lesson: 


Word Study Word Lists