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Mrs. Rigby's 3rd Grade Class: Literacy in 226



In my classroom I use the workshop model of instruction for literacy which incorporates reading and writing. The goal of the workshop set up is to create lifelong readers and writers and foster a love and enjoyment for reading and writing. Within the workshop model instrucion is differentiated and personalized to meet a wide range of learners.


Reader's/Writer's Workshop

Focus Lesson (Whole Class)- Interactive read aloud/direct instruction focused on a specific skill. 
Read/Write and Confer- Independent Reading and Writing: Practice taught skill during this time,
Literature Circles, Book Clubs,  Conferencing w/ teacher one-one or in small group to work on individual skills and assess student progress.
Peer Conferencing
Group Share/Wrap-Up (Whole Class)-
Share, Reinforce skills, Discuss.