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Athletics: Coaches

Coaches Directory

Sport Gender Level Name Email
Baseball Boys Varsity Dan Keleher  
Baseball Boys Junior Varsity Bob Larsen


Basketball Boys Varsity Rob McLaughlin  
Basketball Boys Junior Varsity Tomas Caraballo  
Basketball Boys Freshman Michael Gravelese  
Basketball Girls Varsity Ricky Oliver  
Basketball Girls Junior Varsity John Gatsas  
Cross-Country Boys Varsity Cam Pavao  
Cross-Country Girls Varsity Spencer Shaw  
Field Hockey Girls Varsity John Gatsas  
Field Hockey Girls Junior Varsity Amy Gagliardi  
Football Boys Varsity Steve Abraham  
Football Boys Varsity Dan Keleher - Assistant  
Football Boys Varsity Johny McDonald- Assistant  
Football Boys Junior Varsity Ricky Oliver  
Football Boys Junior Varsity Peter Marinelli  
Football Boys Freshman TBA  
Football Boys Freshman Steve Aliberti  
Golf Boys Varsity Ben Adams  
Gymnastics Girls Varsity Lilly Oliveri  
Gymnastics Girls Varsity Samantha Cloutier-Assistant  
Ice Hockey Boys Varsity Mark McGinn  
Ice Hockey Boys Junior Varsity Peter DiMarino  
Lacrosse Girls Varsity John Gatsas  
Lacrosse Girls Junior Varsity Ricky Oliver  
Lacrosse Boys Varsity Jay Molloy  
Lacrosse Boys Junior Varsity Christian Day  
Soccer Boys Varsity Mackenzie Kraines  
Soccer Boys Junior Varsity Ian Valcich  
Soccer Boys Freshman TBA  
Soccer Girls Varsity Kendrick Whittle  
Soccer Girls Junior Varsity Steven Kucklick  
Softball Girls Varsity Haley Chandler  
Softball Girls Junior Varsity Mariah Tebo  
Spirit Girls Varsity Rebecca(Becky) Robichaud  
Spirit Coed Junior Varsity Whitney Halloran  
Swimming Coed Varsity Christina McCann  
Swimming Coed Varsity Samantha McCann  
Tennis Boys Varsity TBA  
Tennis Girls Varsity  Ian Valcich  
Tennis Boys-Girls Varsity Mackenzie Kraines


Track (Indoor) Boys Varsity Spencer Shaw   
Track (Indoor) Girls Varsity Dan Keleher  
Track (Indoor) Boys Varsity Cam Pavao-Assistant  
Track (Indoor) Girls Varsity TBA - Assistant  
Track (Outdoor) Boys Varsity Spencer Shaw  
Track (Outdoor) Girls Varsity Steve Burns  
Track (Outdoor) Boys Varsity Aurora Freedman -Assistant  
Track (Outdoor) Boys Varsity Steve Abraham - Assistant  
Track (Outdoor) Girls Varsity Cam Pavao - Assistant  
Volleyball Boys Varsity John Roemer  
Volleyball Boys Junior Varsity Michael Pelosi  
Volleyball Girls Varsity Sean Stewart  
Volleyball Girls Junior Varsity Todd Taylor  
Volleyball Girls Freshman TBA  
Wrestling Boys Varsity Nick Eddy   
Wrestling Boys Varsity Steve Abraham - Assistant  
Wrestling Boys Varsity Joe Boucher - Assistant