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Woodbury Athletics: Coaches Directory

Coaches Directory

Sport Coach   Phone Number
D1 Field Hockey Cindy Marcin   (603) 479-9000
D4 Field Hockey Rachel Austin   (603) 893-7055  x3250
Girls Soccer Paul Gelinas   (603) 893-7055  x3050
Boys Soccer Fred Hutchinson   (603) 893-7055  x3109
Girls Cross Country Andrea Desmarais   (603) 893-7055  x3253
Boys Cross Country Spencer Shaw   (603) 893-7055
Assistant Cross Country (Girls) Megan Provencher   (603) 893-7055 x3251
Assistant Cross Country (Boys) Maddy Olsen   (603) 893-7055 x3102
D1 Girls Basketball Mike Murray   (603) 548-8839
D5 Girls Basketball Maddy Olsen   (603) 893-7055 x3102
D1 Boys Basketball Fred Hutchinson   (603) 893-7055  x3109
D5 Boys Basketball Ian Valcich   (603) 893-7055
Cheerleading Whitney Halloran (603) 893-7062
Wrestling Dan Keefe   (603) 401-1706
Softball Megan Miller   (603) 893-7055 x3210
Baseball Jim Blazak (603) 893-7069  x5205
Girls Spring Track Laura Thibodeau   (603) 893-7055  x3123
Boys Spring Track Andrea Desmarais   (603) 893-7055  x3253
Assistant Spring Track (Boys) Paul Gelinas   (603) 893-7055  x3050
Assistant Spring Track (Girls) Megan Provencher   (603) 893-7055  x3251


More Info

If you cannot reach the coach directly, or if you have any questions about a sport, please call the Athletic Director at the number listed below.

Bob Larsen
Athletic Director

893-7055 Ext. 3193