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Mrs. Boyce: Welcome to Room 202

Happy Fall!!

Word Study has begun in fifth grade!  The students are given their words on Thursdays and they will have these words for two weeks.  In addition to receiving their words they also are assigned a contract, which has activities that they are responsible to complete.  They need to choose nine of the activities to complete in their word study notebook.  At the end of the two weeks, they will be tested 5 different ways.  They will need to know the spelling of their words, the spelling of words that follow the same pattern, the definition on of the words, two dictation sentences, and they also need to put a word in a sentence appropriately.  

Fifth grade students have started Book Clubs with the other classrooms.  These Book Clubs meet every Tuesday and Fridays.  They have created a calendar with their group of the assigned reading they will need to complete.  In addition to reading their books, they also have assigned jobs.  These jobs are vocabulary master (where they will locate unknown words while reading and define the words in their own words, using context clues), discussion director (students write questions down as they read), and summarizer (students summarize the current reading and then add key points).  Some groups have more students then jobs; therefore, those students need to be jotting notes to discuss at their meeting.  

Students have also been assigned a GoogleDocs account through the Salem School District.  These accounts are for educational purposes, not for entertainment.  They have been working really hard on their Personal Narratives; ask your child how their writing is going.

Mr. Awesome