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Mrs. Boyce: Our Class

First Day of School!!

Brain Break/Stretch Break!!

Zander's Musical Debut on the Ocarina!! Enjoy!!

Marshmallow Team Challenge

Planning how to hold up their marshmallow!!

Angelina has an idea!!

Do the boys have it??

Working together!

San is rocking it out with his team!

Marshmallow Challenge WINNERS!! :) Rock on, Girls! :)

Scientific Method - SAVE FRED- Experiment

Zander & Evan trying to Save Fred!

Sophie & Hannah working together to Save Fred!!

Ally & Michael trying to figure out how to get Fred in the life saver!

Kevin & Burke really thinking!

Look at San & Elisabeth Go!! Woohoo Save Fred!!

Bri & Jessica...look at that teamwork!

Jackson & Jack are really concentrating on Saving Fred!

I think Presley & Bin figured it out!!

Happy Girls...Saving Fred!!

Emma & Alyssa are really trying to Save Fred!!

Aryanna & Angelina are up close figuring out how to Save Fred!!

Corey & Junaid trying to get Fred in his lifesaver!!

Penny Lab - Practicing the Scientific Method 10/5/2015

Peer Editing Our Personal Narrative Papers 10/6/2015