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Should Schools Ban Chocolate Milk?

We received this letter from Ms. Parrill: 

                                                                                                                                                              January 22, 2016

Dear 5th Grade Teachers,

  There has been some controversy about our policy of offering chocolate milk for school lunch.  We need to make a decision about whether or no we should continue offering it in the cafeteria.  Will you let me know what you think about this?  Thank you!


Ms. Parrill 


Students are researching this debate and writing opinion letters back to Ms. Parrill. These opinions need to be backed up with evidence from trusted sources! 

Literacy Libguide!

Our next literacy unit is on the topic of research-based opinion and advocacy. 

Students have been using the libguide to find more information on their chocolate milk essays, and research reading topics! 

Check it out!

Our Math Program

Gigi the Penguin


You can practice your chorus music at Mrs. Moldoff's page!


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