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Miss MacCarthy: Content


Students have received research groups. Each student is focusing on researching information based upon one of these questions:

1. Should people support or boycott zoos?

2. Should we invest more time in underwater or outer space exploration?

3. Should we be protecting humans from sharks or sharks from humans?

4. Should plastic bags be banned?

5. Should plastic water bottles be banned?

6. Are extreme sports worth the risk?

Students are researching BOTH sides of these issues and choosing one side to delve more deeply into. Students in these groups will have debates that will need to be backed up by evidence.


Students are using their googledocs accounts to write their chocolate milk opinion letters to Ms. Parrill. 

These googledocs accounts can be accessed at home! They have been shared via e-mail to their writing partners and are receiving feedback through the "google chat" feature. 


We have jumped ahead to geometry! These are units 15 and 16 in our books. Their test will be before February break. Students are able to access the online textbook using their account information on

Our following unit will be adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing fractions!