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Salem Explorers: Life on a Farm Week 2018

Each week we will explore a new topic through art, science, math and literacy. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, we will be at our base camp, and the program will run from 8:30-12:30. On Thursdays, we will be out and about on field trips from 8:30-2:00

Check out what we've been up to!

Dairy farms, bee farms, produce farms and more! 

Day 1

Welcome to life on a farm week! Today we learned all about cows and dairy farms. Did you know cows have 4 stomachs? Did you know there are 6 kids of dairy cows? Today we had a “milking” race and we milked rubber gloves filled with water. We also made and tasted butter and ice cream. It was a delicious day down on the “farm!”



Day 2

Today we learned about the role of bees in farming! We learned that bees are important in pollinating crops.

 We experienced a bee’s job during a Cheeto pollination activity. The students had flowers filled with Cheetos, which we pretended was pollen. After they ate their Cheetos, the students (bees) were covered in orange dust (pollen) and they flew around to other flowers leaving their orange pollen behind!

We also checked out beekeeper gear including beekeeping gloves and bee hives! We even watched a video of a bear attacking a local teacher’s bee hives!

The explorers ended the day by playing a game where we guessed what part of a plant various food items were, and we had a veggie taste test. We have many new fans of rhubarb, kale, and kiwis!

Day 3

Today in camp we learned how food gets to us! Bonnie Wright, president of the Salem Farmers Market, can to talk with us today! She told us about the market, and the local vendors. She generously brought some goodies from the market including quark, pita chips, cherries, honey, and more! She also helped us learn about the importance of farms and supporting local vendors!

We also participated in a relay race to simulate how food travels from farms to distribution centers and on to stores! The children had to pick up crops (balls) and repackage them into boxes and bags. They also had to use scooter boards to drive them to new locations to mimic the role of truck drivers in farming and food distribution! It was a wonderful day!

Field Trip Fun!

Today our Salem Explorers toured Charmingfare Farm in Candia, NH! They fed goats, sheep, pigs, and alpaca! We also took a wagon ride around the property and a tractor train ride, too! It was a fun day down on the farm!