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Melone - English 10H Research Paper: Getting Started

Research Paper

Learning Expectations

  • Use appropriate research strategies to find and evaluate information, and read, analyze, and apply information from a variety of written and other sources.
  • Write for a vareity of purposes and audiences, and read, analyze, and apply information from a vareity of written and other sources.

School-wide Writing Rubric

School-wide Research Rubric

Research Paper Specifics aka FAQ





  • MLA 8th ed.
    • NoodleTools
  • Research Guide
  • Keywords
  • Locate Sources 
    • Print
    • Academic Databases


  • Website Evaluation
  • Find Sources! 

Encyclopedia Brittanica

For this research paper consider the Encyclopedia as a starting point!  It can provide you with an overview of your topic and help you develop search terms.  Avoid using it as a source in preparation for college-level research.