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A research help guide that includes search engines, databases, citing sources information and web site evaluation.

K.W.L. -- Know/Wonder/Learn

Know:  What do I already know about this topic?

Wonder:  What do I wonder about this topic?

               What do I want to know?

Learn: What did I learn?

            Do I need to ask more questions?

Keyword Tips

Tips to help develop keywords.

  • Identify 2-4 most important words from your research question.
  • Try using synonyms (same meaning) and antonyms (opposite meaning).
  • Don't type whole questions or statements.
  • Databases search for exact words.
  • Spell out abbreviations - especially when using databases. ex. PTSD - post-tramatic stress disorder

Developing Keywords

Watch the video below about creating keywords for your research projects.

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How Google Search Works

Search Stategies

Struggling to find information you need on the web?  Click on the links below to learn some tips about online searching.

Search Strategies in Plain English -

Be a Google Pro -

Note Taking

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Permission to embed this video is granted under YouTube's Terms of Service - section 6C.