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Copyright, Fair Use, and Public Domain: Best Practices

Provides guidelines and resources for finding media and giving attribution.

Modeling Good Digital Citizenship


1.  Cite images on your handouts, slide decks, websites, etc. 

2.  Require students to cite their images whether they are creating an online or print product to not only give credit but to demonstrate the image is eligible for re-use.  

3. If you are using copyrighted material under fair use provisions in the classroom, make sure the copies clearly state that material is under copyright and being used with a Fair Use Provision.   

Sample Fair Use Statement

Using copyrighted material in the classroom under fair use provisions:

This handout (presentation etc.) contains copyrighted materials that have been used under the fair use provisions of US copyright law.  Further use, duplication, or distribution is prohibited. 

 © Title of work, Author